Saint Vagabond

Brizo Single Stone Necklace - Bronze


Named for the Greek goddess of the sea and of dreams, of divination and prophecy. A single hand-carved bronze "stone" strung onto a 16" foxtail chain.

  •  All pieces are hand carved and cast using the lost wax casting process.  No two will be entirely alike.
  • Bronze contains copper alloys. 


  • Storing your jewelry in silver cloth bags will help minimize tarnish and oxidation.
  • Washing jewelry in warm water with mild dish soap will keep your pieces nice and shiny- use a soft bristled tooth brush for more vigorous cleaning.
  • Silver cloths will remove tarnish from both silver and bronze. Bronze WILL tarnish faster than silver, and will usually need to be cleaned more often.
  • Refrain from using chemical cleaners as these can damage stones and remove patina.
  • Wearing your jewelry in swimming pools is not recommended!
NOTE: this product is the necklace with a single stone in the images. 

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