Pura Gente Book


Costa Rica has landscapes full of stories. Through the lens of brothers Giancarlo and Sergio Pucci and a group of writers, this book brings us closer to the stories of more than 50 people from the seven provinces, seeking to highlight the freshness and authenticity of stories that reflect - with intense brushstrokes and diverse - the Costa Rica of the Bicentennial.

+ Portraits: A close, authentic and honest look through more than 100 unpublished photographs.

+ Stories: A series of fresh and unique stories that show a very wide range of being Costa Rican. Anecdotes that remind us of what unites us, what makes us human.

  • More than 100 unpublished photographs
  • Anecdotal stories written by 30 writers and writers
  • Hardcover with 248 pages
  • Format 27 x 27 cm
  • Spanish version and English version
  • Infographics with fun facts

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