Saint Vagabond

Metis Roman Chain Necklace 15.5 - Bronze


Hand-carved and cast links completed with a handmade toggle clasp. Weighty metal chain that feels rich on the skin. Inspired by traditional ancient Roman chain pieces. Created using the lost-wax casting process. Named after Métis, the ancient Titan goddess of higher wisdom. 

Métis (Mee-tees) was a female Titan known to the ancient Romans as the goddess of prudence, deep thought and higher wisdom. She was considered one of the wisest beings in all of creation as well as a primordial force in the creation of the universe.

  • Bronze is a mixed metal, containing copper.
  • 15.5 inch


  • Storing your jewelry in silver cloth bags will help minimize tarnish and oxidation.
  • Washing jewelry in warm water with mild dish soap will keep your pieces nice and shiny- use a soft bristled tooth brush for more vigorous cleaning.
  • Silver cloths will remove tarnish from both silver and bronze. Bronze WILL tarnish faster than silver, and will usually need to be cleaned more often.
  • Refrain from using chemical cleaners as these can damage stones and remove patina.
  • Wearing your jewelry in swimming pools is not recommended!

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