Hello, Robot!




Everything you need to know about how machines think, artificial intelligence and the world of smart technology.

Autonomous cars, Alexa, Siri, mobile phones, talking toys… Intelligent machines are on the rise! But how much are humans and machines alike?

Throughout this book we will discover how intelligent machines work, what impact they have on our lives and what ethical challenges they may pose to our society.

Hello, Robot! takes a thorough look at how AI has been shaping our world, with playful illustrations to provide simple but exhaustive explanations on how AI machines were invented, their evolution throughout time and how they’re designed and built.

Authors: CosiCosa, illustrations by Ana Seixas
Release date: November 2022
Format: 82/3× 11¾ inches
Features: Full color, hardcover, stitch bound, 64 pages
ISBN: 978-3-96704-735-6

CosiCosa is a women-led, non-profit organization working to raise awareness about technology and its impact on children and teenagers. Their team is trained in STEM and social ethics, and they design and promote educational programs aimed at children to train the future generations to be critical users and dutiful designers of emerging technology.


Ana Seixais a Portuguese graphic designer. She holds a degree in Design and a postgraduate course in Editorial Design, and she took the Specialization Course in Illustration for Children’s and Teenager’s Publications. She started as a graphic designer for The Guardian, Snapchat, Bloomsbury Publishing, etc. and now she dedicates her time to illustration work, such as collaborating with magazines, illustrating books, drawing for advertisement campaigns, packaging and other challenging projects.

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