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Zodiac Bracelets


What's Your Sign?

Are you a balanced and friendly Libra or are you a calm and sensitive Cancer? Made from Bali seed beads, the Horoscope Zodiac Bracelets remind you of where you’ve come from and where you’re going. Each power color represents a Zodiac sign and is designed to root you in the energy you bring into the world. Channel your zodiac strength every day and feel empowered that your purchase also creates a sustainable livelihood for thousands of Indonesian artisans and their families.  

  • Sagittarius | Infectious Purple: A Sagittarius is spiritual, aware, and philosophical. Purple represents enlightenment, abundance, luck, and positivity. We all could use more Sagittarius in our lives.  
  • Gemini | Shining Yellow: Just like the sun brings light, knowledge, and empowerment, yellow symbolizes deep focus and intelligence. Without Geminis, the world definitely wouldn’t be as bright. 
  • Leo | Daring Gold: Just like a brave lion presiding over the sweeping plains, gold represents benevolent power, prestige, and positivity. Leos bring strength into the world like no one else. 
  • Virgo | Raw Green and Brown: Virgos represent natural ebbs and flows of continuous growth. Reliable, practical, and stoic, Virgos play an essential role in moving people and their environments forward. 
  • Capricorn | Solid Brown and Gray: These colors represent practicality, reliability, and  tradition — in a not boring, no-nonsense kind of way. Gray is a combo of two extremes (black and white) and represents a Capricorn’s ability to walk the middle path. 
  • Taurus | Gentle Green: Bulls grow in fields, just like this color that makes their sign thrive. Green represents progress, the beauty of nature, and hope. A world without a Taurus is one we wouldn’t want to live in. 
  • Scorpio | Pure Black: Inquisitive and always digging below the surface, Scorpios are focused on transformation. In western cultures, black represents death and rebirth — which ultimately symbolizes self-transformation. Thankfully Scorpoios exist to remind us of this. 
  • Aries | Bold Red: Aries demands attention, just like a bold red lip. They possess passion, excitement, and a “get up and go” mentality. Aries’ ruling planet is Mars the “red planet.” Coincidence? We think not.
  • Libra | Bubbly Pink and Blue: A loving and nurturing color, pink represents a sense of peace and fairness. Always the most charming in the room, Libras overflow with an infectious sense of balance.
  • Cancer | Timeless White and Silver: A clean and neutral slate allows Cancers to connect with pure intuition. Cancers bring sensitivity and calm to the world — a powerful and necessary energy that everyone craves. 
  • Pisces | Electric Green: A Pisces is highly in tune with those around them. Their ability to bring a sense of healing, renewal, inspiration, and rejuvenation is something that draws people to them. 
  • Aquarius | Flowing Blue: Only an Aquarius can bring a soothing jolt of intelligence and innovation to the world. Just like the sea represents vastness, blue represents flowing ideas and conversation.

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